Bhojia Institute of Nursing

Baddi, Distt. Solan (H.P.)

An ISO Certified Institutions 9001:2008

Approved By: Indian Nursing Council (INC), New Delhi


Bhojia Institute of Nursing



MCH Lab:- (Maternal & Child Health Lab)

MCH lab is fully equipped with pelvis, fetal skull various instruments, different kinds of models and manikins, charts, play articles, and all necessary articles for procedure demonstration like :

  • Care of Pregnant Mother.
  • Care of mother during delivery.
  • Care of mother after delivery.
  • Growth and development of all age groups.

Community Lab:-

In community lab we provide demonstration on different procedure about community health to meet their objectives. Demonstration make the learning more realistic and authentic:

  • Students will be educated about rural and urban communities and various plannes were discussed with the students to improve the health of peoples in both rural and urban aeras.
  • Students are educated to establish working relationship with family in the community area.
  • Demonstration stimulate the students for providing planned and incidental health teaching to families and individuals.

Anatomy and Physiology Lab:-

  • In Anatomy and Physiology lab students are introduced about the structure and functions of all human body parts with the help of Models like human Heart, kidney, Bladder, Brain, Lungs ,Liver
  • Which help students to understand the normal and abnormal functioning of body.

Fundamentals lab:-

In fundamentals lab we prepare nursing students to practice appropriate fundamental skills to meet the needs of patients in health care settings. In fundamental lab we enhance student’s knowledge about basic nursing procedures ie.

  • Bed making
  • Positioning of patients.
  • Medication procedure
  • Personal hygiene like Bed bath ,hair care, oral care,nail care etc.
  • Dressing ,Bandaging
  • Vital signs monitoring like BP monitoring, temperature, pulse, respiration monitoring.

Nutrition Lab:-

In nutrition lab we have all needed articles/ utensils which is helpful to demonstrate the students about how to prepare balanced and therapeutic diet according to patient condition.

  • Also we demonstrate students to prepare food under safe and sanitary condition to support health status of patients.

A.V Aids Lab:-

  • A.V Aid lab is opened for the student with latest equipment of LCD, Projector, Computer, Laptop, TV,OHP,DVD Player, Camera, Tape Recorder , Charts, Models, Poster’s and different types of boards which can provide high-tech educational media to support the teaching learning activities of the students.

Advance Nursing skill Lab:-

The focus of advance skill lab is to develop advance skills in the students by demonstrating following procedures like:

  • CPR
  • Care of patient with cancer
  • Emergency care of patient with head injury, poisoning, airway obstruction etc.
  • Care of patient on mechanical ventilator.
  • Care of patient with tracheotomy.



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